KUTKUT Cat Catcher Toy and Soft Furry Attachments for Cat Kitten Toy Wands pet Toy

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  • 【Eco-Friendly Material】These balls are made by faux Fluff materials, the overall fluff ball is very beautiful.soft and elastic, safe for pet to bite and play.
  • Made of safe, non- toxic, environmentally friendly materials for cat securely playing.. It can attract the attention of pets.
  • for durable scratching and biting. Stylish and fun
  • It can increase the fun of pets.
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The toys are firm and durable with dense knitting stitches. Your cat can feel free to chew for a long time. Made of natural cotton, the soft and flexible surface is super comfortable to play and chew. no smell can be detected from the toys thanks to the safe and intoxic design. Without smell, without worry.