KUTKUT Cute Red Chilly Squeaky Plush Toy for Puppy & Toy Breed Small Dogs (Red)

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  • QUEAKY DOG TOY – Built in squeaker makes a sound that a puppy likes when squeezed; Attract your dog’s attention longer playtimes
  • REDUCE WHINING & BARKING – Help pets adapt to the new environment; reduce the psychological pressure of fireworks?thunderstorms and noise on dogs
  • Clean the Teeth: The chew toy can help pets to clean their teeth to improve the health the oral and appetite.
  • This squeakers toy will make a loud and clear sound when dog bite it, this makes dogs more excited when they chew on toys ,or squeezed with a clear voice when to attract the attention of your pets.
  • Exercise the body of dog while playing, use as Christmas gifts. The throwing toy can promote the relationship between dog and owners, play together, Good for fun and entertainment.
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KUTKUT Dog Toys Well made of material, non-toxic and safe, Not easy to bite broken by your puppy. Clean and inspect after each use, remove damaged pet toys. With a good toy to keep company with dogs, it will help distracting them from lonely when they are alone at home, and will reduce anxiety in dogs and stop them from chewing on furniture and personal belongings. Chewing help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar, effectively cleans teeth to promote oral health soothes discomforts from teething.