KUTKUT Male Dog Wrap Reusable Diaper | Male Belly Band Washable Diaper | Highly Absorbent Diaper, Physiological Sanitary Pant for Small Dogs

  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE DIAPER :- We only choose durable materials for our dog wraps. The soft jersey inner wicks moisture away and keeps your dog drier during prolonged use. No “crinkly” or uncomfortable texture that causes many dogs to dislike the ordinary disposable diapers.
  • WATERPROOF & SUPER ABSORBENT & LEAKPROOF:- Strong absorption diaper pad is sewned into the diaper middle ,we are uniquely designed with leak protection of 2 layers microfiber which can easily absorb urine, keeps your dog drier during prolonged use, and has a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks and damage to carpet, sofa etc.
  • ADJUSTABLE WAIST BY OPEN-CLOSED STRAPS,EASY PUT ON & TAKE OFF:- We are specially designed a large square Open-Closed Straps,easily quick to secure, not slip off no matter how much wriggling and sliding across the floor.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE:- Our washable belly bands for dogs are more economical and environmentally friendly than the disposable dog diapers. Well-tailored by durable and quality fabric, these belly wraps can stand up frequent washing and everyday use; TIPS: STICK MAGIC TAPE TOGETHER BEFORE WASHING.
  • WIDELY USAGE:-The diapers are useful for untrained puppies?, males spot dog marking?, paralyzed dog? and dogs suffer from excitement urination or incontinence?. ?? Physiological pants for male dogs, courtesy belt ~ cotton fabric, pads or paper towels can be inserted in the middle part, economical and practical! Super Velcro tape, elastic edge band design, anti-boring and anti-side leakage~!
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The  dog diapers have super-absorbent pad, can keep long-lasting protection, specifically fit for male dogs with urinary incontinence, excitable urination ,and marking issues. The dog diapers have super-absorbent pad, can keep long-lasting protection, specifically fit for male dogs with urinary incontinence ,excitable urination ,and marking issues. The male dog’s physiological belt has a large urine absorption capacity; the elastic contraction on both sides of the product can prevent your pet from wearing the physiological belt from shifting, and can prevent the dog’s urine from leaking sideways. The face cloth has a waterproof layer that can be Effectively prevent dog urine from dripping.

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